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Xoşbəxt atəşfəşanlıq Afrikada çiçək açdı

Vaxt: 2020-01-02 Oxunub: 193

As a representative of China's fireworks industry, Happy Fireworks went to Morocco toparticipate in the China Trade Week on Dec. 2019. In Casablanca, Happy Fireworks showed the high quality of fireworks to African customers, and introduced the charm of fireworks to the representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Morocco.

The purpose of China trade week in Morocco is to promote the economic cooperation between China and'One Belt And One Road'countries. The fair covered thousands of square meters and involved dozens of industries. At that Fair, Happy Fireworks showed the charm of Liuyang fireworks to the African people, nearly 100 kinds of products have been praised by African customers.


Jingning, the commercial counselor of the Chinese embassy in Morocco, also came to the booth of Happy Fireworks. He encouraged us to make efforts to expand the Moroccan market and let the Chinese high-quality fireworks bloom in the sky of Africa.At the Hunan-African international production cooperation conference, the relevant leaders of Morocco enterprise association and other organizations discussed cooperation with liuyang fireworks enterprises and praised the products of Happy Fireworks.